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Waldo Homes — Winning Hearts and Awards

Waldo Homes — Winning Hearts and Awards
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Waldo Homes constructs stunningly beautiful, high-quality homes that win both hearts and awards.

In fact, since 2014, the company has won an award every year in which they participated and has earned substantially more awards than any other participant in the annual RioGrande Valley Builders Association (RGVBA) Parade of Homes—including two consecutive Best of Show awards.

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Let’s take a look at Waldo Homes’ history of recognition from their peers for excellence in construction. If there’s one factor that impresses Parade judges and visitors the most, it’s the “WaldoWow Factor.” Discover why this term so aptly describes the effect of seeing Waldo Homes’ work.

Although the Waldo Homes team is proud of the awards they have received for their homes, what gives the team the most satisfaction is winning the customers’ hearts with their work first. The awards naturally follow. The company really lives up to their slogan: “Award-winning custom homes that impress the soul.”

Waldo Homes began receiving Parade of Homes awards from the start with their first entry in 2014. That year, the company was recognized with the Best Model Home award in the over $350K category for a Mediterranean/Tuscan home with a dramatic Corinthian column facade. In the 2016 Parade of Homes, an attractive four-bedroom home earned the company both the Best Model Home ($400K-$500K) and Best Curb Appeal awards. A year later, Waldo Homes repeated their Best Model Home win in the $201K-$300K category with a fabulous stucco-and-stone Mediterranean design.

But it was in the 2019 Parade of Homes that the “Waldo Wow Factor” was born with a gorgeous, two-story Mediterranean home. Its many features—from the stucco walls to the majestic interior cupola and breathtaking kitchen—earned Waldo Homes six awards. The foremost of them was the prestigious Best of Show award. The company also won the Best Model Home (Over $400K), Best Architectural Design, Best Kitchen, Best Master and Bath, and Best Curb Appeal categories.

In 2020, Waldo Homes made RGVBA Parade history with back-to-back awards in the previous year’s categories and added the coveted People’s Choice award to their list with a stunning Mediterranean masterpiece in the $450K-$500K range, which received seven awards. During the same Paradeevent, a contemporary Cantera-and-white-stucco Waldo home won the Best Model Home ($251K-$300K) category, showcasing the company’s versatility and bringing their total award count for the 2020 Parade to eight. Waldo Homes set a record for the RGVBA Parade of Homes events that has yet to be surpassed.

The company’s success continued in2021 despite some challenges. Covid-related material shortages and the Parade event dates didn’t give the Waldo team enough time to build the larger homes they usually build for the Parade of Homes events. So, the team opted to construct two smaller homes—a red brick contemporary Farmhouse and a Spanish Mediterranean home. Both received the Best Home award in their respective categories. Both homes were certified as BUILT TO SAVE® high-performance homes, and the Mediterranean home also received the Most Energy Efficient Home award.

This year, in 2022, Waldo Homes won the Best Model Home award in the $451K-$500K category with a striking modern Farmhouse design. The exterior, with eco-friendly clay roof tiles and large front-facing windows, catches the eye. The windows provide plenty of natural light for the open-concept floorplan, luxuriously illuminating the elegant wood beams and the kitchen’s exotic black granite countertops. The home—located in the private gated community of James Courtin Edinburg, TX, at the corner of South McColl and Canton Roads—justifiedly received the award. It continues Waldo Homes’ reputation for consistently winning this particular award in its entry category.

It’s obvious when others attempt to copy Waldo Homes’ designs, they think it will bring them equal success. But what makes Waldo Homes successful can’t be copied. The love and passion the Waldo team puts into their homes are central to their success. This family-owned company—headed by founder Luis Waldo and his wife Teresa—operates with total synergy. In addition to Luis and Teresa, the Waldo team includes their daughter Karen, their son Danny, and his wife Allison. Pooling the individual talents of each team member allows them to continuously build unique homes that impress the soul with beauty, style, design, and rich details.

Secondly—and most importantly—as a family-owned business, Waldo Homes knows the importance of treating customers like family. Home buyers are happily welcomed to become a part of the Waldo Homes family. Whether the team is building a Mediterranean or Contemporary home, no matter the size, it will include the same eye-catching details and thoughtful master-crafted extras you’d expect from Waldo Homes.

The awards for excellence in construction that Waldo Homes has received speak for themselves. The company’s dedication to homebuyer satisfaction has also consistently secured a years-long leading role in transforming the quality of life for Valley residents. The Waldo team welcomes you to contact them and discuss your plans for a custom home that truly stands out. The company builds from $250K and up and will build on your lot or theirs anywhere in the Valley. Give them a call and prepare to be impressed.

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