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Time to Protect Your Home and Family

Time to Protect Your Home and Family
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The winter holidays and a new year are here. If you haven’t yet, maybe now you should make a New Year’s resolution to finally get that home security system you’ve been wanting.

Lately, advertisements and commercials for “Do It Yourself” security systems have become numerous. They are cheap and a one-time purchase, but are they the best for your peace of mind, or would you prefer whole-house and yard coverage with 24/7 monitoring?

If you are considering a monitoring security company, there are many here in the Rio Grande Valley from which to choose. The residential and commercial security systems market is a gigantic multi-billion dollar industry that has grown exponentially over the last few years. Here in the Rio Grande Valley, there are many companies that would like your business. Your job is to figure out which one is right for you if you decide to get a home security system that will be monitored 24/7.

If you begin looking at monitoring security companies, there are those that offer installation and wireless monitoring; or video monitoring with high-definition surveillance cameras; also fire protection systems; monitored programmable thermostats; and complete installation and maintenance services. A representative should come to your home and discuss your needs before giving you a quote. He or she will design a security system around your requirements—this a worry-free proposition because from the most basic to the most sophisticated technology—each can be customized to your specific needs. If the company just wants to give you a generic quote over the phone without personally visiting your home and assessing your individual needs, run the other way.

Be aware that in your search to find the right security company for you, you may find that some use  “Bait and Switch” tactics. For example, you’ll receive an unbelievable offer of “free equipment” only to find out that there are strings attached. Perhaps the offer merely includes minimal protection, or you may be required to sign a long-term contract. Run the other way with this, as well!

Do-It-Yourself security items are inundating the market now. Video doorbells for the exterior or plug-and-check boxes for the interior certainly are inexpensive security measures, but how effective are they if a thief decides to break in through a back window, or a faulty wire starts a fire in a child’s bedroom? And if you are away at work or on vacation, how effective are they at having help come quickly? A whole-house 24/7 monitoring system that has an actual person call the police quickly, although more costly than those inexpensive do-it-yourself items, is also way more secure.

Bottom line, if your home is currently without any kind of security, make this the year you do something about it. Call some of the local security companies, have their sales reps visit and assess your home’s needs, get quotes, decide which company you like best, and then sit back and rest easy. They will do all the work for you, from installation to 24/7 monitoring—and you and your family will now be safe and secure.

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