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The Villa Homes Team: Masters of Style & Craftsmanship

The Villa Homes Team: Masters of Style & Craftsmanship
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In the short period of time since its start in 2013, Villa Homes has earned a reputation for building some of the most outstanding luxury homes in the Rio Grande Valley. In 2018, the company was recognized for excellence in construction on their first entry into the Rio Grande Valley’s Parade of Homes competition and won multiple awards, the most of any builder in the competition, including the top award of “Best of Show.”

The success that Villa Homes has achieved can be summarized in two words—team effort. The passion, talents, and integrity of all of the team members truly set the company apart. While each member of the team has specific duties and responsibilities, it is their collaborative effort and focus on the final product that makes the company successful and guarantees a happy home-building experience for customers.

Here is something important to know: when the same team that designs a home also builds the home, it eliminates a lot of confusion. From designing, to preparing project costs, to ordering materials and scheduling work, a unified team like Villa Homes is more focused on delivering a final product that everyone—especially the homebuyer—can be proud of. Lasting partnerships with like-minded subcontractors who share the company’s high standards for superior craftsmanship ensure that the extended Villa Homes team can complete the company’s vision for excellence in every phase of the construction process.

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Villa Homes’ culture of excellence in construction is based on keeping up with the latest trends in exterior and interior design—something you will notice right away when you visit one of their homes. The company’s homes feature a transitional style that combines the perfect blend of contemporary and traditional, thus producing a warm appeal that reaches across generations of homebuyers. Villa Homes is also renowned for its striking and detailed finishes that include elegant wainscoting, ceiling beams, and plenty of built-ins. Even the little things, like light fixtures, door hardware, and other accessories, will stand out as unique. That’s because each item was specifically researched, shopped for, and ordered to fit the exact style required for that home. It’s this special personal touch, instead of the much easier “off the shelf” solutions others offer, that makes a Villa Home stand out when it comes to style. The reason that stylish colors, textures, and materials flow beautifully from room to room in a home built by Villa Homes is that talented team members, with an eye for excellence and an ear for listening to the buyer, invested their time to develop personalized, creative solutions.

Finally, when we talk about craftsmanship in construction, we first think of someone working with their hands. However, the reality is that true craftsmanship, like that of Villa Homes, also involves the mind, and, more importantly, the heart. If there is one thing that links all of the Villa Homes’ team together, it is a heart-felt passion for creating a home that reflects their love for construction. When the Villa Homes’ team looks at a finished project, knowing the long hours, weeks, and months of work that went into building the home, they have a rewarding feeling knowing that there were no corners cut, no tradeoffs, and no compromises made in the construction. The team’s satisfaction is knowing they are handing over the keys to a home they can be proud to say Villa Homes built, and that home will continue to define them for generations as masters of style and craftsmanship for affordable luxury homes.


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