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Sierra Title – For Your Real Estate Closings, Insist on Sierra

Sierra Title – For Your Real Estate Closings, Insist on Sierra
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Protect the largest investment you’re likely ever to make. Sierra Title has safeguarded Rio Grande Valley homebuyers with trusted and reputable title insurance services since 1928. With their help, you can purchase your new property knowing that your ownership is secure.


Title insurance is crucially important for any homebuyer. It protects your property from claims of ownership by other parties and helps keep you safe from problems that may arise after you purchased the property. Sierra Title researches your property records to make sure it has no liens, judgments, outstanding taxes, or other liabilities that could affect your ownership rights.

With an advanced title exam department and expert closing and escrow staff, Sierra Title brings you the peace of mind you need to focus on building your new home. Valley-owned and operated, Sierra Title is the only Rio Grande Valley-based guaranty company. With offices in McAllen, Edinburg, Harlingen, Brownsville, and South Padre Island, alongside six additional locations in El Paso and two statewide Texas offices, top-quality title insurance is never far away.

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