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Your Perfect Choice: Natural Gas

Your Perfect Choice: Natural Gas
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When we take the plunge and buy or remodel a house, we hope it will be our “Home Sweet Home.” Additionally, we hope the energy bills will be low, and that we will have a dependable energy source in bad weather. Happily, there is an answer to this: affordable and reliable natural gas. Installing or upgrading appliances to natural gas can make a home cozy, improve its value, and help us save money. How about some useful facts?


Efficient natural gas appliances are the building blocks for long-term money, energy, and environmental savings. Did you know that for every $1 spent, customers get $1.35 in benefits1? Using natural gas instead of electric appliances results in lower energy bills, which means more money in your pocket. In fact, Rio Grande Valley households can save approximately $416* each year by using natural gas instead of electric for heating, cooking, and clothes drying. In addition, if your home (or business) is equipped with a natural gas-powered backup generator, you have the advantage of not losing power when the electricity goes out during severe weather events.

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And how about immediate money in your pocket? Energy efficiency rebates for qualifying Texas Gas Service customers in Cameron, Hidalgo, and Willacy counties can help you save money through eligible natural gas appliances. Rebates are available for natural gas ranges, dryers, water heaters, generators, and other appliances if you decide to put them in your home.

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Natural gas helps reduce household expenses and provides the comfort that makes your house a home. But did you know that natural gas plays an important role in our local economy and supports community programs intended to improve our quality of life here in the Rio Grande Valley? For example, local businesses such as restaurants, hospitals, and grocery stores rely on natural gas for sterilizing equipment, processing heating, fueling vehicles, and backing up power generators. Because of its superior energy efficiency, natural gas helps businesses reduce costs and save money.

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Did you know that many Texans rely on natural gas for their electricity needs? That’s right, natural gas is the dominant source for powering the Texas electrical grid, which is vital due to an increasing power supply demand. So not only can natural gas help you in your home or business, it also helps our economy and our state. Let’s face it, natural gas is an excellent choice for all!

(*source: Energy Solutions Center residential calculator)

1 CTX EE Annual Report 2019

About Texas Gas Service
Texas Gas Service provides safe, reliable, and affordable natural gas to more than 65,000 customers in 34 cities within Cameron, Hidalgo, and Willacy counties. For more information on other RGV Program rebates and eligibility, please their website or call 512-370-8256.

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