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Big Tiles, Big Impact

Big Tiles, Big Impact
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Large-format tiles have been a growing trend in home building for the past decade—and they’re only getting more popular. Designers, builders, and homeowners alike rely on large tiles to create homes that make a big, bold visual impact. Versatile, gorgeous large-format tile products from Materiales El Valle not only enhance a home’s beauty, but their almost seamless continuity makes rooms look larger.

Materiales El Valle, founded in 1986 by Rosalio Espinosa, has been the Rio Grande Valley’s premier tile and natural stone products supplier for decades. Award-winning builders in the Valley are among the company’s customers for a good reason. Thanks to its long history of working with major Latin American manufacturers, Materiales El Valle offers trending first-to-market products at lower prices—including large-format tiles.

In addition to using the right cutting tools, industry standards from the Tile Council of North America recommend the use of a leveling system to ensure proper large-format tile installation. Because of this, Materiales El Valle carries high-quality leveling systems, like RUBI/USA, and offers free advice and consultation on how to properly install their products.

Large tiles are worth the effort, though. They are an increasingly popular material for adding depth and visual interest to walls and floors. Available as squares or rectangles in a wide range of materials—from porcelain to ceramic and stone—there’s a suitable tile for every home. These elegant tiles are available in a variety of popular sizes including 2’ x 4’, 4’ x4’, and even as large as 4’ x 8.

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Mr. Rosalio Espinoza, founder of Materiales ElValle, the Rio Grande Valley’s leading supplier of tile and natural stone products for both indoor and outdoor walls, floors, countertops, and much more since opening in 1986.

Large-format tiles can be used for both floors and walls. Their expansive surfaces create a feeling of spaciousness by eliminating the visual clutter of countless grout lines you’d see with smaller tiles.The sleek, uninterrupted surface texture is perfect for residential and commercial use to help create a stunning tailor-made statement, both indoors and outdoors

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Large tiles aren’t just beautiful, but also affordable when you consider the installation process.

These tiles are faster and simpler to install than small ones. With little grout and big, smooth surfaces, it’s easier and cheaper to maintain the durable tiles’ original clean look. Additionally, they have a high thermal mass, allowing them to absorb heat and reduce heating and cooling costs.

Another significant benefit of large tiles is better indoor air quality. They’re easy to clean, moisture-resistant, and don’t harbor dust, all factors that significantly improve the quality of indoor air. Last, but not least, natural stone, porcelain, and ceramic tiles are highly sustainable.

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As a versatile product, large-format tiles are a fantastic choice for creative surface solutions in practically any room. They are one of the current top trends for walls and floors in living rooms. Bathrooms are another popular spot for incorporating large tiles due to easy cleaning and the fact that one or two tiles can make up an entire shower wall. But homeowners’ favorite place for large tiles is the kitchen. The tiles offer contrast to appliances and make for easily maintainable backsplashes, floors, and side paneling for kitchen islands or bars.

Materiales El Valle’s large tile products are on display locally at their expansive showrooms with thousands of square feet filled with gorgeous, full-size samples of tiles in a dizzying range of striking designs. The company constantly updates the showrooms to stock the most trendy materials with the best quality and designs in the Valley. Their knowledgeable sales consultants will suggest innovative tile solutions. Best of all, you can see, touch, and experience the tiles in person.

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